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Lymph Drainage Therapy: Can It Help Your Swollen Face?

Logan Steward

If a chronic cold or sinus infection caused the tissues in your face to look swollen and puffy, you may wash your face with warm water to ease your symptoms. But if washing your face doesn't remove the swelling or puffiness in your face, seek lymph drainage therapy soon. Lymph drainage therapy releases inflammation and swelling in the lymph nodes in your face. Learn more about the lymph nodes in your face and how lymph drainage therapy helps you below.

Why Are the Lymph Nodes Swollen?

Your face and body contain special immune glands called lymph nodes. The main functions of the lymph nodes in your face are to recognize and fight the things in your face, head, neck, and ears that cause infections, including cold viruses, sinus infections, and tooth abscesses. Your lymph nodes should filter out and drain the infectious material from your tissues. However, some infections can overwhelm your lymph nodes and cause them to increase in size over time. 

Enlarged lymph nodes can make your entire face appear puffy and swollen. Although lymph nodes are small in size, they can fill up with large amounts of fluid over time. The fluid can create pressure around your eyes, nose, ears, and forehead.

Washing your face with warm water or placing a cold pack on your face may not ease the swelling in your face. In most cases, the only way to ease the swelling in your face is to drain your lymph nodes. Lymph drainage therapy can help you find the relief you need. 

How Does Lymph Drainage Therapy Work?

Lymph drainage therapy is a technique used by massage therapists and other professionals to remove excess fluid from your face and body. The therapy requires a professional to manually and gently massage the tissues over the glands in your face, head, neck, and ears. The massage encourages the nodes to drain or release the fluid inside them.

A therapist will ask you questions about your health during your visit. Colds and sinus infections aren't the only illnesses that can make your glands swell with fluid. Immune system diseases and illnesses, such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, can also affect your glands. If you suffer from a condition that isn't a common cold or a sinus infection, a therapist will ask you to consult a doctor before you undergo massage therapy.

If you qualify for a lymph drainage therapy massage right away, a therapist will go ahead and prepare you for it. 

Learn more about lymph drainage therapy by consulting a massage therapist today.


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