Massage for Your Muscles

Massage for Your Muscles

Have Acne? Don't Shy Away From Massage

Logan Steward

Massage therapy can be a good way to address an array of health problems and feel more relaxed, but some people might be tentative to book one of these sessions for various reasons. If you have severe acne, for example, you might worry that massage therapy could irritate this skin condition. It's a good idea to understand a few important points about massage if you have acne. There's a good chance that any therapist you choose will have experience treating clients who have acne and will know how to work with you. Here are some things to know about massage when you have acne.

Massage May Help

You might be surprised to know that massage on areas of your body that have acne may actually be a good thing. One of the reasons that massage is good for healing is that it helps to increase blood flow in the area. When your massage therapist gently massages an area, its circulation will improve — and this may help the acne, given that the flow of oxygenated blood to the area is good for the health of the skin. Additionally, if you find that your stress may be making your acne worse, the relaxation that you experience during your massage can lower your overall stress.

The Therapist's Approach

Your massage therapist will assess the condition of your acne before beginning to treat the area. There may be scenarios in which they avoid touching specific regions. For example, if you have some acne that appears to be infected or otherwise inflamed, it's likely that the therapist will keep away from these areas because touching them may cause further discomfort. If you have any open acne sores, the therapist will likely use vinyl gloves while massaging you to ensure that they don't introduce bacteria to this area.

Your Requests

Don't be afraid to make specific requests of your massage therapist before they begin to treat an area that has acne. If the area is a little on the sore side, share this information and ask for the pressure to be light. You might also ask them to use oil very sparingly if you're worried about adding oil to a part of your body that is already quite oily. Proper communication with your massage therapist will ensure that you get the most out of your treatment. Contact a local therapist to set a massage appointment.


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