Massage for Your Muscles

Massage for Your Muscles

A Thai Massage Is A Fun And Therapeutic Departure From Traditional Massage

Logan Steward

If you enjoy having massages regularly, consider branching out and trying different types. If you've never tried a Thai massage before, you might find it to be an enjoyable experience that also provides benefits just like a traditional massage. Here's what a Thai massage is like.

You Lie On The Floor Instead Of A Massage Table

The first thing you'll notice about this type of massage is that you take your treatment on a mat on the floor. That's because both you and the massage therapist will be moving around a lot during your treatment and you both need to stay safe. You can also stay fully clothed, but you'll want to wear loose clothing that moves with you and doesn't restrict you. No oil or other typical massage tools are used.

The Therapist Moves You Into Positions

Another big difference between traditional massage and Thai massage is that the treatment involves a lot of movement. You don't just stay still and let the therapist knead your muscles. Kneading isn't a big part of Thai massage. Instead, the therapist moves your body into yoga positions, pulls on your body, rocks you, and they may even stand on your back. The therapist uses their body to put your body in positions that increase energy flow.

The session is tailored to your capability and size. Let the therapist know if you're feeling discomfort. Thai massage shouldn't cause pain or be aggressive enough to cause injury. You don't have to exert yourself to get into the various positions since the therapist positions your body by gradually stretching you into the right position. The massage is quite different from a traditional massage, but it isn't difficult or strenuous.

Thai Massage Moves Chi Through Your Body

This is an ancient type of massage that's a form of energy medicine. It incorporates acupressure and moving energy along your body's pathways. The stretching involved increases blood circulation and improves flexibility. This type of massage can improve your posture, decrease headache pain, stimulate lymph flow, reduce anxiety, invigorate you, decrease back pain, and reduce joint stiffness. Plus, the experience is relaxing and enjoyable.

Thai Massage Is Suitable For Most People

Your massage therapist asks questions about your health to make sure you're a good match for this type of massage. If you're being treated for a medical condition, you may want to ask your doctor if having this massage is safe for you. All types of massages may be discouraged if you have certain medical conditions, so it's always best to talk to your doctor first if you're receiving medical treatments or have a health problem.


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